Advisory Committee

In this color photograph, a man and a woman dressed in repdocution eighteenth-century costume talk to participants sitting at tables.
What goes into a historically accurate living history costume? Participants in this Fall 2019 workshop learn how living history can be a tool for historic preservation where they work and volunteer.

Philippa Campbell
Chair, Historic Preservation, Center City Residents Association (Philadelphia)

Glenn A. Ceponis
Principal Historic Preservation Specialist, New Jersey Historic Trust

Dorothy P. Guzzo
Executive Director, New Jersey Historic Trust

Charlene Mires
Professor of History, Rutgers University–Camden

Miranda Powell
Visual, Performing & Media Arts Coordinator, Camden County College

Bob Russell
Preservation Architect, Holt Morgan Russell Architects

Andrea Tingey
Principal Historic Preservation Specialist, New Jersey Historic Preservation Office

Past Advisory Committee Members

Nicole Belolan

Jonathan Burton

Donna Carney

Tamara Gaskell

Patrick Grossi

Cory Kegerise

Lorraine Minnite

Jack O’Byrne